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Blitz Roofers
Blitz Roofing
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Orange City Florida's #1 Residential And Commercial Roofers

When you hire a Orange City, FL roofing specialist for a residential or commercial roofing project, it’s important that you choose one with the knowledge and training to work with a variety of different materials. At Blitz Roofing and Construction, all of our contractors are licensed, insured, and certified, and we require them to take continuing education to ensure each member of our team is up to date on the latest techniques, tools, and materials available. From roof replacement to roof repair we proudly serve the Orange City, FL area!

Blitz Roofing

We are able to offer a full spectrum of roofing & construction services in Orange City, FL including:

Roof Replacement
Roof Repair
Roof Coating
Gutters & Leaf Guards
Drywall Repair
Commercial Roofing
Alex Klein
Alex Klein
Highly recommend for all your roofing needs.
Hedi Headley
Hedi Headley
Great owner. With an amazing company and unbeatable pricing.
John Janis
John Janis
Blitz Roofing did an amazing job on my new roof. I highly recommend.These guys are the best roofers in Deland!!
Angelica Jerino
Angelica Jerino
Excellent staff and workers. I would recommend them for quality work.
amy Whitney
amy Whitney
They were there for me when my insurance company wasn’t! The are dependable and reliable. They did an amazing job and definitely raised the value of my house! Tratin Howard was a godsend and took care of me like family!
Joel Coffman
Joel Coffman
I love Blitz roofing! No pushy sales tactics, just genuinely helpful. Rob came and found then repaired a leak in my roof. He called me the next time it rained to make sure it was taken care of. It wasn’t even on my mind to check it but Blitz thought about it for me and followed up. Will work with Blitz from now on!
jorge morales
jorge morales
I got a new metal roof and it looks great and built to last, I'm very happy with blitz roofing they did a great job . 5 star rating
carmen martinez
carmen martinez
Robert Hanley and his entire crew, workers were amazing. They communicated all stages of the project to me in a timely fashion. To my surprise financing, and permits were done 2 or 3 days and complete work done in 1 day. Would recommend Blitz and Mr Hanleys team in a heartbeat.
Marius du Toit
Marius du Toit
Blitz Roofing was picked amongst a couple of companies I had researched. They were fairly priced and their flexibility and willingness to entertain my inquiries and changes was appreciated. They effectively took care of all permitting and kept me up to date on schedule so I could plan accordingly. They had the roof done in just over 2 days and their workmanship is of a high quality. I love the new roof! Thanks.
Keith Occimio
Keith Occimio
Great experience all around. Blitz roofing did a great job on my house. The quality of work was top notch, and the owner, Rob, was very helpful and communicative. He made the process very easy. After the job, they even gave me a thank you swag bag, 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 all the way. I would definitely recommend them.

Quality Materials

We have the latest in top tier materials with our trusted product partners.

Dedicated Team

From conducting an initial inspection, to providing a cost-effective estimate, and all the way through the completion of your job.

24/7 Full Support

we take great pride in servicing those in our community during their time of need.

Detailed Proposal

Knowing exactly how your job will be handled from products being used to timeline and costs.

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Trusted Orange City, FL Roofing Company

Blitz Roofing

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Roofing projects don't have to be stressful. From first inspection to final quality checks, we're committed to providing the very best in both customer service and quality roofing in Orange City, FL. We're here as your partner every step of the way, protecting your budget, your home, and your most important assets.

From roof replacement to roof repair we proudly serve the Orange City, FL area! Call us at 386-703-3303

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Orange City, FL Roofer

🌟 Welcome to Blitz Roofing & Construction, Your Orange City, FL Roofing Specialist! 🌟

At Blitz Roofing & Construction, we’re not just contractors; we’re your dedicated partners in making your home shine! Nestled in the heart of Orange City, FL, we bring a personal touch to every shingle and sheet, ensuring your roofing needs are not just met, but exceeded. Here’s what makes us stand out:

🛠 Reliable All Year Round: Whether it’s scorching summer or a chilly winter, our Orange City, FL roofing team is always ready to spring into action. Rain or shine, we’ve got you covered!

🔧 Flexible and Understanding: Your comfort is our priority. We adapt to your billing preferences and specific roofing requirements with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

👷 Expert Craftsmanship: With years of experience under our belts, we’re not just experts; we’re craftsmen passionate about perfecting every roof in Deland. Trust us to bring excellence to your doorstep!

🏡 Proudly Local: Our roots run deep in Florida soil. Being locally owned, we share a special bond with our Orange City community. Every roof we repair or install carries a piece of our heart and pride.

As Orange City’s go-to roofing professionals, we offer an array of services: from sparkling new roof installations and sturdy roof replacements to thorough inspections and regular maintenance. Need a quick fix? Our repair services are just a call away!

📞 Ready for a Roof Revolution? Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation consultation, or to grab an estimate for your next roofing adventure in Orange City. Let’s make your home the talk of the town with Blitz Roofing & Construction!

Call us at 386-703-3303

Orange City FL Roofers
Orange City FL Roof Replacement

Orange City, FL Roof Replacement

🌤️ Is Your Roof Ready to Shine? Blitz Residential Roofing is Here for You, Orange City, FL! 🏠

Hey Orange City Homeowners! Is your roof the stalwart guardian of your home it once was? If you’ve noticed a leak or if your roof has seen more than 15 birthdays, it’s time to call in the experts – Blitz Roofing & Construction, your trusted local Orange City, FL residential roofing professionals! Don’t let small issues turn into big headaches. A quick inspection by us can save you from a hefty roof replacement bill later.

🔍 Do You Need a New Roof? Let’s Assess Together! Sometimes, figuring this out is simple. If your roof is younger than 15 years and just needs a little care, regular maintenance and minor repairs by Blitz Roofing & Construction might be all you need. These small fixes can extend your roof’s lifespan, ensuring many more years of reliable service. But, if your roof is entering its golden years (15 years or older) and seems a bit weary, it might be time for a stylish and sturdy new roof from Blitz Roofing & Construction.

🛠️ Choosing Blitz Roofing & Construction: Your Guide to Expert Roofing in Orange City, FL 🛠️

Before you decide on a roof replacement, consider these points:

  1. Take Your Time: No need to rush. Your roof is a crucial part of your home, and it deserves thoughtful consideration.

  2. Choose Certified Professionals: With Blitz Roofing & Construction, you’re not just getting any roofer; you’re getting a licensed, skilled Orange City, FL roofing contractor with a track record of excellence.

  3. Expect the Best: When you choose Blitz Roofing & Construction, you’re not just getting a new roof – you’re getting peace of mind, knowing that seasoned professionals are taking care of your home’s topmost needs.

So, Orange City, FL residents, are you ready to ensure your roof is as robust, beautiful, and secure as ever? Reach out to Blitz Roofing & Construction today. We’re here to make sure your roof is in tip-top condition!

Call us at 386-703-3303

Orange City, FL Commercial Roofers

🏢 Blitz Roofing & Construction: Orange City, Florida’s Premier Commercial Roofing Experts 🏗️

Tailored Roofing Solutions for Your Business

Blitz Roofing & Construction is not just about roofs; we’re about elevating your business. Our commercial roofing services in Deland are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, be it a chic boutique, a sprawling office, or an industrial powerhouse.

Why Blitz Roofing Stands Out in Commercial Roofing:

  • 🌟 Unmatched Expertise: Our extensive experience in commercial roofing translates into impeccable quality and safety standards for your project.

  • 🛠️ Customized Roofing Solutions: We recognize the uniqueness of every business. That’s why we offer bespoke roofing solutions, perfectly aligned with your specific needs.

  • 💪 Durable Materials, Lasting Quality: Our choice of high-grade materials ensures your roof isn’t just visually appealing, but robust and enduring, ready to face Orange City’s diverse weather.

  • ⏱️ Efficiency with Minimal Disruption: We value your time. Our efficient work ethic guarantees minimal interruption to your daily operations.

  • 🔍 Comprehensive Range of Services: Our services span all commercial roofing types and needs, from installation to regular maintenance, ensuring your roof remains in prime condition.

Our Pledge: Excellence in Every Shingle

At Blitz Roofing & Construction, excellence is not just a goal; it’s our standard. We pride ourselves on top-tier workmanship, stellar customer service, and delivering the finest commercial roofing solutions in Orange City, FL. Your business deserves a roof that embodies strength, beauty, and durability.

📞 Is Your Business Ready for a Roof Upgrade? Reach out to Blitz Roofing & Construction for a detailed consultation or to schedule your next service. Invest in your business’s future with a roof built to last by Orange City’s roofing specialists!

Call us at 386-703-3303

Orange City FL Commercial Roofers